A Take on Tik-Tokers

Students’ favorite content creators on TikTok


Liza Catlin

Student watching TikTok on their cellular device.

In 2020, teenagers have become obsessed with TikTok, often spending hours on the video platform. From point of view videos to fun dances, the content on TikTok is ultimately endless. The app is home to many creators that add a uniqueness that can not be found anywhere else. 120 students have taken part in this new trend by voting on their favorite content creators.

Willy Wonka (Duke Depp)
In first place is none other than Willy Wonka himself. Duke Depp first came to fame from cosplaying as Willy Wonka. Depp’s most viral TikTok is a video of him dancing to Snoop Dogg’s “I Wanna Love You”. He is currently verified on TikTok and has 13.5 million followers.

“Willy Wonka got the most votes because he is playing off of the real Willy Wonka which is a great movie and he is a really good dancer,” junior Nicholas Healy said.

Addison Rae
Addison Rae takes the cake for second place. Rae got her start by posting popular dancing videos including the renegade, the savage dance and much more. She is now a member of the Hypehouse, a group of collaborators dedicated to making TikToks, and is an ambassador for many well-known brands. Rae has a total of 3.8 billion combined likes and 61.8 million followers.

“My favorite Tik-Toker personally would have to be Addison Rae because she is such a kind-hearted person and she is pretty,” junior Sadie Lobrano said.

Noah Schnapp
Schnapp takes third place as students’ favorite TikToker. The Stranger Things star posted his first TikTok on December 24, 2019, and it currently has 8.2 million views. He can also be seen commenting and interacting with other users on the app.

“I chose Noah Schnapp because he is an actor [who] joined TikTok, and he dances which is funny because you don’t see him as a dancer,” sophomore Jenna Perkins said.

Noah Beck
Fourth place goes to TikTok sensation Noah Beck. Beck has had many viral TikToks that often have millions of views. The creator can be seen either lip-syncing or dancing on his page. Him and friends are also a part of a popular TikTok group called the Sway House.

“My favorite content [Beck] makes is his dance videos and the ones with the other sway boys,” freshman Rylee Stoker said.

Charli D’amelio
Chari D’amelio takes last place on the list. She is mostly known for her dancing, but she is also an actor and is a representative of many popular brands. D’amelio’s obsession of Dunkin’ Donuts led to the creation of her own drink called the “Charli Drink”. Charli and her sister, Dixie D’amelio, also have their own makeup palette through Morphe.

“I like Charli D’amelio because she was given a platform rapidly and in a strange way but continues to stay positive,” junior Benjamin Miles said.