Production Donation

Drama club takes the opportunity of their first play to raise money for an important cause.


Sadie Bettcher

“12 Angry Jurors” was the first play performed this year and consisted of three acts.

A man is on trial for first-degree murder, and the jurors have to decide his fate. Filled to the brim with heated arguments and critical thinking, drama club has performed their first show of the year, “12 Angry Jurors.” It takes place in a jury room while the twelve of them argue whether the man on trial is guilty or not guilty. The jury’s emotions and clashing personalities make it a truly encapsulating show.

“Some people would say [the show] is slow,” senior Addison Hitt said. “I don’t think it’s slow, it’s just dialogue heavy. Our goal and hope for the audience is that they’re just locked in the whole time. It really is accurate to what it’s like on a jury, especially when it’s this controversial.”

During one show a year, there is a “Minute to Give It”. Members of the cast have sixty seconds to run around the auditorium collecting as many donations from the audience as they can.

“Last year, we did “Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind”, and we donated all of that money to the Children’s Miracle Network,” Hitt said. “This year, we are donating all of the money to the Froneyberger family.”

During the shows, drama club raised $560 for the Froneybergers. Not only did all their hard work pay off with an amazing show, but they were also able to give back astounding help to the community.