Netflix’s Story of Success

Netflix’s Story of Success

In recent years, television has paled in comparison to the wonders of the internet. This service which now has become portable in the form of smaller devices, has made the TV in many households feel outdated. Because of this fact many people of the younger generation miss those special experiences. Thus Netflix made an internet library of movies and shows, that any age group can easily enjoy.

“The ease and simplicity of logging on and [immediately] watching your favorite movies and shows [appeals to me],” junior Dylan Buck said.

Netflix is one of many organizations that bring shows, movies and cartoons onto one platform for users to enjoy. Starting in 1997 as a DVD mail service, It has recently gained popularity as a free media outlet throughout the last four years with a good mixture of TV classics and original content according

Their first original hit was “House of Cards” that was aired in 2013. Despite never producing shows of such caliber before that point in time, they turned out many more award winning shows in the years to come. While only being a library of media in the past, this victory in the the TV producing scene only gave Netflix and CEO Reed Hastings, more ideas and determination.

“We’d like to be as popular in the world as in the U.S., to be in one-third of households seven years from now,” Hastings said, according to

Well known shows such as, “Orange is the New Black”, ‘Stranger Things” and “13 Reasons why” are some of the many successful shows that Netflix has produced.

“Stranger Things” personally gained eighteen emmy nominations, contributing to the whopping ninety one nominations total that Netflix received throughout the night according to Although more controversial shows such as “13 Reasons Why” went unrecognised, due to the topic of that specific program and the mixed responses from Netflix’s own population of viewers.  

Overall while opinions on Netflix as a service and the shows they sponsor are varied, many would have to agree that Netflix has become a well respected producer of entertainment, in its own right.