Top 5 Recent Pop Culture Stories

Major news has been going down in the pop culture world recently such as new seasons coming from the popular Netflix originals such as “Stranger Things” and “Riverdale” and new music coming from the pop sensation Taylor Swift.



“Stranger Things”: More Seasons to Come

The Netflix original “Stranger Things” is coming out with a second season on Oct. 27, 2017.

“They will also be releasing a third and fourth season,” according to

The producers of the show said they could not totally justify if bad things could happen to the group of boys every year.

“I have always been a huge fan of the show and have always been obsessed with it, and my favorite thing about the show is the suspense they create and my favorite character would have to be Eleven,” freshman Paige Fitton said. “I’m super hyped to see the new season and what will happen. I hope that, by the end of season four, the Upside Down will be shut down forever,” Paige Fitton said.

“Riverdale” Season Two

       The Netflix show Riverdale is releasing a second season this Oct. 11. The new season is only less than a month away. The first episode of the season will be titled “A Kiss Before Dying”.

“Jughead’s dad will now be a season regular and Veronica’s dad will also be coming into the show,” junior Matthew Cox said.

[I love] Jughead and his tragic backstory, but is still a very nice guy is my favorite part of show, and what I hope for in the next season is for Betty and Jughead to stay together and for Betty and Archie to breakup because I hate them being together,” Cox said.

“Beauty and the Beast” on Netflix

For those who are in love with the newest Disney movies, there is big news of Disney’s live action movie “Beauty and the Beast” coming to Netflix.

Given all the past releases from Disney on Netflix that we will likely be getting the movie available on streaming between Aug. 2017 and Oct. 2017, according to What’s on

Reviewed as an enchanting and joyful movie and is definitely worth the watch, Emma Watson does an impeccable of portraying the main character, Belle.

“I love the orchestra that plays throughout the film and the love story between the Beauty and the Beast, and it will be great to get a chance to watch it on Netflix,” junior Darcy Mueller said.

“Deadpool 2” Tragic Incident

The set of “Deadpool 2” was struck with tragedy on Aug. 14, 2017. Joi Harris was performing a motorcycle scene in the movie and lost control of the motorcycle and went crashing into a glass window at Shaw Tower in Vancouver. The stunt woman was the first African American female pro road racer, and this was her first film as a stunt woman. They officially resumed the production of “Deadpool 2” on Aug. 18 according to

“It’s very sad to hear that this happened, and I think that people who do jobs like that know inherently that there are risks to that job,” teacher Justina Davitz said.

What to Expect from “Reputation”

Taylor Swift’s new album “Reputation” dropping Nov. 10, 2017. Swift’s new song “Look What You Made Me Do” is now the number one song in the country and broke Adele’s record of 61.1 million streams of the song, and it took the place of Justin Bieber’s “Despacito” in the Hot 100 list, according to

“It’s going to be different from all her previous albums, more of an alternative pop and all her albums are different from each other and her music style is always changing,” junior Sadie Bettcher said.

These new stories over the recent happenings of the pop culture world should help one stay up to date with what is to come in the future from some most popular topics.