Iphone 8 and X Preview


Every year Apple unveils a new iPhone and every year that new phone is significantly updated when compared to the previous year’s phone. This year however, they are releasing not one but two new phones: the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. This has not been done since they released the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c at the same time in 2013.

The iPhone 8, at first glance, is very similar to the 7. It comes in the same sizes, is made in similar colors, and has the same camera. The only exterior difference is that the iPhone 8 is surrounded by all glass. Some people might, upon hearing this, immediately think back to the iphone 4, which was also encased in glass, breaking very easily- and assume that the same fate is to come for the iphone 8. However, the iphone 8 is made with a new kind of glass that Apple.com is calling ‘the most durable glass ever in a smartphone, front and back.’

The biggest differences between the iphone 7 and the iphone 8 are based on what is inside the phone. But these differences are not nearly as drastic as they have been in previous years. The iphone 8’s computing capacity, for example, has been upgraded with apple’s new “a11 bionic chip”. The iphone 8 also includes a new “embedded m11 motion coprocessor” that supposedly will make gaming and multitasking more smooth and user-friendly.

One of the biggest leaps in technology with the iphone 8, actually, is based on the reason why it is encased in glass. It is the first iphone to have wireless charging capability, meaning that you can charge it by doing nothing more than setting it down on a charging pad. Now that most new cars are coming equipped with a wireless charging spot, this will eliminate most of the hassle of having to deal with charging cords when users are on the go.

The iPhone X is more different than any iPhone we have ever seen. One of the most defining characteristics that makes this difference apparent is apple’s new 5.8 Inch “super retina” display. This display, unlike any other iPhone’s, covers the whole front of the phone- and actually is not even rectangle shaped. The only space where there is not a screen is the small area at the top where the front camera, light sensor, and speaker for making calls are placed. Speaking of front cameras, the IPhone X has an all new “true depth front camera”. This camera makes facial recognition possible, and because of that Apple is introducing FaceID. Soon you will be able to get into your phone by doing nothing more than glancing at it.

Say goodbye to fingerprint readers and home buttons, because the X has replaced them completely. Instead of pressing the home button to get out of an app, a single swipe will take care of everything.

“[It contains] some of the most sophisticated technology we’ve ever developed,” Apple Officials said, according to apple.com.

The technical specs of the Iphone X are very similar to those of the iPhone 8. They use the same processor, the same rear camera, and have the same 4K video recording capabilities. The iPhone 8 and the iPhone. X are both great new phones with huge technological advances and have promising futures. If anyone is looking to just get a phone that is very similar and slightly upgraded from the iPhone 7 then they should get the 8, but if they are looking to get a totally new and redesigned phone altogether then they should get the iPhone X.