Fall Movies To Watch

Nothing says fall quite like horrors, family flicks and even powerful love stories. These films bring people together and knowing which ones will make or break your movie watching experience. Here are three must watch movies for this Fall.


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The Ring

“The Ring” is a perfect choice for horror fans who love the spookiness that comes with the fall season. A woman named Rachel is looking into a tape that has been reported to have killed multiple teenagers. The myth is that watching this tape will result in the viewer dying seven days after, and Rachel decides to investigate. This movie has many dark themes that are sure to leave the audience with the chills.

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Many people have fond childhood memories of “Halloweentown”. It follows the story of Marnie, a young girl who is puzzled that she only sees her grandma each Halloween. After learning their family has a history of practicing magic, she and her siblings hitch a ride to Halloweentown. When they arrive, Marnie’s grandmas tells them of a sinister trouble brewing in the town. This movie is great for families to enjoy and displays lessons about growing up.

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Corpse Bride

Love, acceptance and teamwork all play major roles in the “Corpse Bride”. This story follows a young man on his quest to find true love. Played by Johnny Depp, Victor Van Dort is a boy placed in an arranged marriage by his parents. He is so nervous during the practice ceremony that he retreats to the woods to practice. Amidst his fake proposal, he accidentally places a ring on a dead woman’s hand that was sticking out of the ground. She then rises from the earth to accept his proposal, and everything he knew about the world is turned upside down. This movie is great for couples and is friendly to all audiences. It is creepy animations fit perfectly into the fall season.