Law and Order or Criminal Minds?

The side by side of why each show is amazing in their own right has arrived, dig in.

There is much debate when it comes to picking between two shows. Whether it is “Parks and Recreation” versus “The Office”, or even “The Voice” versus “America’s Got Talent”, there are many shows that are similar to one another. The most recent debate has been between “Law and Order: SVU” and :Criminal Minds”, but the two are very different from one another.

Law and Order: SVU
17 years later and still going strong, this show is nearly the age of some students at our school, but somehow, it still has the charm to keep its viewers locked in. “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” hits topics that most shows are too afraid to even mention, like rape or child molestation. Given that the topics are sensitive, it shows viewers how it is not just a show but that the issues it brings to life are happening and they are happening now. Granted, the shows are not true stories, but they portray it well enough for doubt to doubt that it could ever be fake. This is because the shows are based off of recent headlines and news that have happened.
“It gives an inside look as to how actual investigations are done,” sophomore Melissa Van Keuren said.
Also, offering what most crime shows do not offer, is an inside look as to what happens in a courtroom with these cases. With how real this show is, it would be nearly impossible to try and do a spin off of it.

Criminal Minds:
In its existence, “Criminal Minds” has always been in the spotlight for its shows and stories. Going in a different angle than most television shows about crime, “Criminal Minds” goes into the heads of criminals to decipher what, why and how they do certain acts of violence. The other thing that draws viewers in is how well the show develops its main characters, like Penelope Garcia and Spencer Reid. The writers of this show made sure that the personal stories behind the characters are just as dark as the show itself, which has a crime-of-the-week effect.
“The personal story has to have the same emotional weight as the case,” Criminal Minds co-executive producer Breen Frazier said, according to BuzzFeed. “They have to match the main story in darkness or intensity.”
With the show’s ability to have the characters come to life along with the plot of the show, “Criminal Minds” has the ability to intrigue viewers of all ages.
“I was really intrigued by the drama that was surrounding it,” sophomore Jordan Hamrick said. “As the seasons progress, they get more in depth with the team and the characters in it. I thought that the evolution in it was very interesting.”
Having these quirky characters lead investigations against the most devious criminals in America creates a contrast that is not seen very often in shows. Ranging from terrorist attacks to copy cat murderers, this show will surely hit a topic that will spark an interest in any viewer.