Embarrasing Elementary Tales

A throwback of some “not so fond” moments of elementary school.


Trent Foster

A young Trent Foster in an art apron.

From kindergarten to middle school, most kids experience situations that make their palms sweat and their face as red as the apple they put on the teacher’s desk. No matter if it is falling at recess, spilling their tray at lunch or peeing their pants during reading time, kids go through extremely embarrassing moments that are hard to forget. The class of 2019 has truly never forgotten their own embarrassing childhood memories.

“In third grade, I was walking down the stairs into the cafeteria and I tripped on them,” senior Maggie Krpan said. “My lunch went everywhere and got on all the kids in front of me, so from then on I only brought my lunch to avoid those stairs.”

Embarrassing memories full of accidents and minor injuries helped the seniors grow up learning important lessons. They also make fun stories to tell later on, despite the pain they went through at the time.

“One time, I was on the swings and I leaned forward without holding onto the chains,” senior Stephen Whyte said. “I fell straight on my face and got a bloody nose.”

Many seniors have the same story of peeing their pants or having milk come out their nose, but others have had a different experience of elementary school. Some even go as far as to get in trouble for their actions.

“I think I was in fourth grade when a kid threw a ball at me because he lost in knockout, so I jumped on his back and tried to knock him over,” senior Trent Foster said. “That ended up getting me put in the principal’s office and I was given indoor recess for a week.”

Looking back at the time of elementary school, numerous seniors could say that what was so embarrassing then has benefitted them for today. Nonetheless, seniors will find it hard to ever forget the memories of elementary school.