After High School Hurrah

To celebrate graduation, many seniors take a final trip with their friends.


Sophie Riley

What makes a senior trip fun is the people, not the location.


fter enduring four years of high school, many seniors feel as though they need a break. In their eyes, they have studied too much, written too much, read too much and high school, in general, has become too much. As these young adults prepare to officially say goodbye to high school and attempt to find themselves, many of them are choosing to take a senior trip. As great as these vacations are, they do require a lot of decision making.

“We went to Cancun, Mexico, the resort was called Occidental at Xcaret,” alumni Sophie Riley said. “We decided to go to Mexico because of the beaches and the resorts are all inclusive so it makes paying for things easier.”

Before taking a trip, a lot of preparation must take place. A destination has to be chosen, a date is mandatory, a budget needs to be set and a game plan has to be complete.

“I would go about it by seeing where everyone goes and trying to be inclusive by picking a good price limit while also making sure all of the parents are okay with it,” senior Blake Miller said.

Senior trips are not simply about the planning, however. They are about going. No matter where students choose to go, or who they go with, every trip is about exploring.

“ We are going to Italy and Greece,” senior Marion Freud said. “We are going to Venice, Rome, Athens and some islands off of Greece. I have always wanted to travel in Europe so this is a great start. I’m just super excited to see the different environment over there and to try out new things.”

Seniors are about to enter the seemingly terrifying world of adulthood, so before they do, they should have a little fun.

“Going with my super close friends was fun because it was our last big trip together before going to college,” Riley said. “And going on a trip with your friends will always be fun because it’s like having a sleepover for seven nights in Mexico.”

Although many dream of going overseas, there are infinite adventures waiting for a wanderlust friend here in the United States.

“I think everyone should try to do some sort of senior trip with their friends,” Miller said. “Whether that’s going to Chicago or just going to the Lakes of Ozarks. It just allows you to reflect on your friendship while also having a good fun time.”

These vacations do not have to be to a far off place in order to be memorable. With the right attitude, any trip can be unforgettable.

“ I think everyone should go on a senior trip because no matter where you go you will always talk about the memories from it,” Riley said. “my friends [and I] still talk about it till this day.”