Attack the Season

It can several weeks into the season to work out kinks, that is something the varsity girls soccer team are aware of.


Carla Cox

One of the most important things in a sport is bonding as a team.


fter the stress of tryouts, the varsity girls soccer team was ready to attack the season. The aspiring team is prepared to work hard and put in long hours to see success. While working out the kinks of the first few weeks, the girls worked through challenging and complicated plays in order to obtain the best skills and improve previous ones.

“A weakness we had, in the beginning, was that the way we defended was not as strong as it needed to be,” junior Maddie Marshall said.

Working together is a crucial part of any successful team. Luckily, this team is familiar with the concept of teamwork. They show a strong bond on and off the field, especially when partaking in team bonding, these girls work as one. To get closer, they do activities together such as their annual soccer sleepover filled with food, fun and new friends followed with games.

Not only do they make sure they are all comfortable with each other and new teammates feel welcomed, but they also connect with sports happening at the same time. In addition to annual sleepovers, the varsity soccer team combines with varsity baseball for a night of music and mingling to get to know some athletes in the same season.

“Everyone on the team has a strong, solid bond with each other. There are positive and encouraging attitudes with lots of laughs between players, teammates and coaches,” Marshall said.