New Faces

Several teachers began their first year educating at West

Math teacher Karen LeFors joined her Husband, history teachers Andrew LeFors this year.

Vanessa Onuoha

Math teacher Karen LeFors joined her Husband, history teachers Andrew LeFors this year.

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Taking a deep breath and holding their heads high, new students take the first step into their future as they walk through huge doors on the first day of school. This year, however, seven new teachers from five different departments joined the new students in accomplishing this nerve-wracking feat. Two of those teachers were Karen LeFors in the math department and Kevin Ruhland in the English department.

“My hubby, Mr. LeFors, has taught at West since forever,” math teacher Karen LeFors said. “A position opened up in the math department here and I was lucky enough to be able to transfer over from South High and keep almost the same course load. I’ve always wanted to teach in the same building as the Mr., but had no idea how much fun it would be.”

Despite what many people may think, starting the school year as a teacher comes with struggles just like those faced by students.

“Challenges in switching buildings are having to set up a classroom, which is mostly cosmetic, because I’ve got to have my ambiance, and having to align students to a different grading system like the one I utilize, which is standards-based,” Ruhland said.

Though a new school does bring difficulties, the excitement of a fresh start with new people can make up for it.

“I must comment on how positive and kind my students are; they are super nice and laugh at all my corny jokes,” LeFors said. “The pride that the students and staff take in the school is really something special. And my classroom has a sink. Bonus perk.”

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