America’s Next Top Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs in Christmas-themed outfits

Peanut Butter poses diligently while waiting for his snacks to be delivered

Guinea pigs are a part of the rodent family. While they are a lot to take care of, their loving nature and individual personalities make up for it. These personalities can be shown through their photos.

This is Peanut Butter. Peanut Butter is an American guinea pig who loves to cuddle. Although he can be a bit mischievous at times, he is a loving guinea pig with a uniquely cooperative personality. He loves his costumes.

This next guinea is Snickers. He is an Abyssinian guinea pig who is very adventurous. He does not like to cuddle as much as Peanut Butter, but he sure will entertain anyone who watches him roam. He crawls over everything and will wiggle out of any grasp.

Up next is Oreo, who is also an Abyssinian guinea pig. He is the talker of the group, and he makes his presence very known. While he is the smallest of the pigs, he definitely has the biggest personality. Similar to his fluffy brother Snickers, he is not much of a cuddler and would rather be given snacks.

Last but not least is S’mores, who is another American guinea pig. He is the shyest of the pigs and an occasional cuddler. He does, however, really like snacks. He is the loudest guinea pig by far and loves wheezing for snacks no matter the time of day. If he is not eating, he is sleeping.