Serving Tradition at the Table

A look into different Thanksgiving festivities


Photo by Rheanne Helsel

A table waiting to be set up for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and thoughts about family, food and traditions are on the rise. Whether it be having a big family dinner or having a small cookout, students celebrate all kinds of different traditions on this holiday.

Many students have very busy schedules on Thanksgiving Day, some spending the entire day doing activities or even have multiple family gatherings to attend.

“I wake up early to drive to Columbia for the first Thanksgiving and then spend the afternoon at another,” sophomore Morgan Devlin said. “One party is my dad’s side of the family and the other party is my mom’s side.”

One of the main concepts of Thanksgiving is being able to spend time with family. Watching the different holiday themed events, traveling to sports games or playing video games are all examples of things to do with others.

“We go to a College football game only if the Colorado Buffs are playing the Washington Huskies,” sophomore Karter Gorski said. “We hang out afterwards by watching movies and playing games. We’ve recently started playing Jackbox Party games.”

Some students’ traditions are not as elaborate as others and the holiday may look like any other day. Some may stay at home to enjoy the holiday off or hang out with who is at home with them.

“Thanksgiving is a normal day with extra food, not even kidding,” senior Michael Devine said. “We just do random things every year. Sometimes we’ll go over to someone’s house or just stay home.”

One tradition a lot of people may have on Thanksgiving is being thankful. Everyone is grateful for different things in their lives.

“Just be thankful for what you have in your life,” Devine said. “Even if it doesn’t seem like much.”