Keeping Focus

Tips on increasing attention span


Photo provided by Josh Gornet

Katelyn Gainer resting head on a stack of books.

For many students, going to school for seven hours a day can cause them to zone out and not pay attention. Taking tests such as end-of-course exams or finals for an extended period of time can also cause students to no longer focus as needed. Here are a few tips to help gain a broader attention span.

Open a good book
Turning off one’s cell phone and opening a book may be an effective way to widen one’s attention span. Make sure the phone is silent so it does not accidently distract the brain. By reading longer than 10 minutes everyday, the brain can better focus on the individual words and sentences. To increase effectiveness, take time to re-read a paragraph a few times to keep the focus, all according to

Take things one at a time
Multitasking, whether it is big or small, can prevent tasks from getting done. Setting up a plan or knowing one’s first priority can help maintain one’s attention. Taking daily tasks step by step can be beneficial in maintaining an individual’s focus, all according to

Practicing meditation can be a simple focus exercise for many. Learning or watching videos on how to meditate correctly can teach the brain how to concentrate. Doing meditation daily can start to teach oneself on how to keep their attention span on specific things. It may also help to relax the mind, all according to

Take breaks
Taking deep breaths to regain concentration is another way to help. This allows time to relax and for the individual to be able to complete the task correctly. Another relaxing tactic is by taking a short or long walk. By doing either one of those tasks, the focus will return and will also teach oneself on how to keep the attention, all according to