Thrifting Tips

How to shop resale


Photo by Kenzie Peterson

Goodwill is a store where one can go to shop resale. Clothes are shown on the women’s section racks.

Many go to thrift stores and leave empty-handed. This may be a result of giving up, not having enough time, or not seeing anything they were interested in. With these tips, you will have the opportunity to become a resale shopping expert.

Look for certain patterns and colors
If you know a specific pattern or color looks good on you, look for it. This can be a simple way to seek out a piece that will suit your look, as well as save you some time looking at things that will not.

Do not be afraid to look in other sections
If your style is more feminine, do not be hesitant to look in sections other than the women’s section. You could find pieces that have either been misplaced or fit your style. This can also be applied for more masculine-styled individuals. Looking in other sections also gives you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone in a more stylistic manner.

Look for unique items
Unique items can really top off what could otherwise be a basic look. It is also possible to find rare items you may not necessarily like but could be sold for a high price online. This can be a great way to make a profit while thrifting.

Look through everything
An item skipped over could be a piece that was perfect for you. Go through all of the racks and do not skip anything. Thrifting takes patience. If time is a problem, come in with a plan. If looking for a new shirt, plan to only look at all the tops. The same goes for everything else.

Go every month
Do not go too often so that the items have not been refreshed, but go frequently enough that you can find new items. Going regularly ensures that you are seeing everything and not missing anything. Thrift stores typically put out new items every day, but some pieces stay out for a while.

Find unpopular thrift stores
Most thrifters go to stores like Goodwill or Savers, so try to go to local stores that are typically not visited. There is a good chance the items in the local stores are not picked over. This is also a great way to support local small businesses.