Productive Planning

The importance of having a planner


Photo by Liza Catlin

Supplies and different planners that one can use.

New schedules, different classes and learning how to navigate your last semester of the year can leave one feeling stressed and overwhelmed. However, becoming organized can help relieve pressure and lead to a brand new mindset. Purchasing a planner for the new year can be beneficial for many students. Planners are a resource for keeping track of homework and various assignments, as well as remembering important events and even after-school activities.

“Having a planner keeps me organized because when I get home, I know exactly what I need to do and what order I need to do it in,” sophomore Grace King said. “It also helps for days coming forward. Plus, if I forget what I have to do, I could just go to my planner and already know since I wrote it earlier that day.”

Planners come in all shapes and sizes, so there are options for everyone. Smaller planners usually contain monthly calendars with less writing space. This type of planner can be used for writing down important dates and staying on top of upcoming events. Bigger planners tend to have not only a monthly calendar but also individual spaces for each day of the week. These spaces can be used to write down homework assignments, to-do lists or anything important.

“For my school planners, I really like them to have the subjects for each week, so I do not have to rewrite each subject every day,” senior Hannah Sherman said. “I also like having multiple lines for each subject in case I have a lot of homework.”

There are various ways to write and fill up a planner while showcasing one’s individuality and personality. Markers, colored pencils and stickers are one way to make a planner more personalized. Some enjoy taking time out of their day to make their planner visually appealing because it initiates motivation to stay more organized, while others choose simply to write down the needed information with a pencil.

Planners are not only flexible design-wise, but they can also be used for plenty of reasons. Some individuals chose to use their planners for financing and budgeting purposes, work projects, and even a way to keep track of a diet.