Crystal Characteristics

Various crystals can benefit the mind, body and spirit

Crystals are believed to benefit many aspects of life, including physical and mental well-being. If one would like to improve their life, crystals can be a simple way to achieve this.

Mind: Reduces stress and promotes peaceful sleep
Body: Improves skin complexion and moisture
Spirit: Promotes inspiration and intuition as well as relates to the crown and third-eye chakra. The Third-Eye Chakra is the center of perception, consciousness and intuition, according to

Mind: Balances hormones and emotions
Body: Rejuvenates skin
Spirit: Is the cornerstone of divine inspirations and is related to the heart chakra

Mind: Increases optimism and is supportive in challenging situations
Body: Supports formation of red blood cells
Spirit: Strengthenshappiness

Rose Quartz
Mind: Promotes self-love
Body: Reduces inflammation and cleanses the skin and blood
Spirit: Supports the ability to love and is beneficial to the heart chakra

Mind: Supports in times of stress, promotes courage, quick thinking and confidence
Body: Boosts a positive aura around the body
Spirit: Empowers the spirit and protects from negative energies

Tiger’s Eye
Mind: Gives motivation boost and rids the mind of fear, anxiety and self-doubt
Body: Improves absorption of Vitamin D
Spirit: Guides to harmony and balance

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