Slipper Supremacy

Slippers should be normalized as shoes


Addison Jett

Ugg Tasman slippers

With the increase of people at home for the past few months, many have been looking for ways to achieve maximum comfort. Slippers are the perfect way to make your feet even more comfortable. Slippers can provide warmth in cold weather as a regular shoe. We should remove the label of slippers as “house shoes” and normalize them as day-to-day shoes. Why should people be able to wear boots or slides, but when it comes to slippers, it is out of the ordinary?

“I like that slippers are so comfortable and soft,” senior Kathleen Harris said. “They allow you an option to wear shoes in your house without having to walk around barefoot.”

While bringing comfort to another level, slippers can also be used as a fashion statement. From dressing down an outfit or adding to loungewear, these cozy shoes elevate anyone’s outfit.

“Slippers make any outfit even comfier,” junior Ava Birk said. “I usually wear slippers with comfy outfits like sweatpants or leggings and an oversized hoodie.”

Just like any other shoe, slippers can show one’s personality through the scope of their style. Not everyone wants to wear sneakers every day. Slippers provide the perfect balance to your shoe rack.

“Slippers should be made regular shoes because they allow for another way to express yourself through your footwear while also staying comfortable and fashionable,” Harris said.

With many of us on the go frequently, we need a reliable shoe to slip on for the go. Slippers are easy to put on shoes that are perfect for when you are in a hurry.

“Slippers are so versatile because they are so easy to slip on,” Birk said. “You can wear them for really anything like shopping, school or usually for me, I put them on to go on coffee runs in the morning.”