Quarantine Check-Off

What did you do during the break?

What did you do COVID-19 has caused many societal changes over the past few months. One of those changes being the implication of a mandatory virtual fourth quarter last school year that led to a six month break from school. With an extended break and limited places to go, many people were struggling to find new and creative ways to fill their days spent at home. Check off what you’ve done.

  • Movie marathon of a series with more than 3 movies.
  • Learned a new skill
  • Dye your own hair.
  • Obsessively played a video game.
  • Finished a book series.
  • Binged an entire season of a show in one night.
  • Ordered from a food delivery service twice in one day.
  • Discovered a new music artist
  • Tie dye.
  • Cut your own hair
  • Tried a new recipe.
  • Bought fun face masks.
  • Learned a second language.
  • Made friendship bracelets.
  • Started a new job.
  • Tried a new workout routine.
  • Deep cleaned your room.
  • Learned to play an instrument.
  • Went on a hike.
  • Ordered off amazon in the middle of the night.
  • Made a TikTok.
  • Had a parking lot party with friends.
  • Took a social media cleanse.