Productivity Apps

Apps that encourage productivity among students

Homework, clubs, jobs and sports can all contribute to a stressful schedule, and some students may need extra help staying on track. These apps can help improve time management skills, increase productivity and encourage healthy habits with the click of a button.

The Flora app helps users put down their phones and focus on other tasks. The more time spent off the phone, the more the virtual plants grow, and if the user enters their phone before the timer runs out, the plants will die. Users are encouraged to continue growing their forest in the app which encourages productivity in real life according to

“[Flora] helps me study a lot better,” junior Julia Pohl said. “I’m able to focus and finish all my homework.”

SleepTown aims to create better sleep schedules. The more a user gets up on time, the more buildings will sprout in the virtual village. If a user wakes up late, their buildings crumble. The app helps to “achieve your goal of consistency”, according to

Over 10 million users use todoist to “gain more control over their lives and get more done in a timely manner”. The app acts as a to-do list that reminds users of important tasks and events, according to

LastPass acts as storage for passwords. The app remembers and organizes passwords for every login that a user enters into the app. This helps to organize and secure logins.

Social media, school resources and other important links can all be stored on Symbaloo. Users can access their saved links from any device by logging into the Symbaloo app or on the website.