Between The Threads: Kamille Johnson

Kamille Johnsons unique style


Kamille Johnson

Senior Kamille Johnson poses in her favorite look.

To some people, clothes are only a necessity, the basics, but not for senior Kamille Johnson. Her style is true to who she is and it reflects her personality in every way.

“My style is definitely one that I can only describe as me,” Johnson said. “It’s like if goth met street fashion and had a baby [and that baby is] cute but odd.”

When getting ready for school, Johnson’s day-to-day style has no limits.

“Rarely do I consider pieces separately, it’s usually what vibe I am going for. A cozy day off? A rebellious teen? A city dweller? And of course, the palette should be nice on the eye,” Johnson said.

Her favorite clothing piece is a wardrobe essential but with added flare.

“My favorite piece of clothing is definitely a new pair of pants that are decorated with space science,” Johnson said. “They’re versatile and amazing for street wear.”

Johnson has been able to find herself within her style. As she has grown up, her personal style has evolved as well.

“My style used to be emo, [like] pretty much everyone in middle school, then it evolved to very hippie and laid back, and then I realized I really liked dressing how I felt as a person,” Johnson said.