A Spooky Look

A guide for three Halloween makeup ideas.

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Halloween is coming soon, and many are scrambling to find a costume. One may not want to go out and buy a full-on costume but rather use face paint to create a creative look by hand. Here are three looks one could replicate for any Halloween event.



  1. Orange Cream Makeup
  2. Black Cream Makeup
  3. White Cream Makeup
  4. Pink Cream Makeup
  5. Beige Foundation
  6. Black Eyeliner
  7. Two Sponges
  8. One cotton swab 


  1. Apply beige foundation to the face.
  2. Cover the bottom half of the nose with orange cream makeup.
  3. Draw a line across the face, covering the mouth and lining the inner lips. Create vertical lines on the horizontal line with black cream makeup and black eyeliner.
  4. Once dried, line the orange on the nose using black cream makeup and make larger black lines going across it using black eyeliner.
  5. Create two large circles on the cheeks using a sponge and pink cream makeup.
  6. For a button look, draw a large black circle on the eye. Make eyelashes coming out of the circle. Place four dots with white cream makeup on the upper eyelid using a cotton swab.  
  7. To create a patch, make a square around the eye using black cream makeup and fill it in using orange cream makeup. Create lines going into the orange from the outside using black cream makeup.



  1. Black eyeliner
  2. Black cream makeup
  3. Brown makeup
  4. Orange cream makeup



  1. Create a black cracked line with one side having a large amount of the face. 
  2. Draw a black triangle around the eye on the larger side of the crack. Using the same black makeup, make a jack-o-lantern looking smirk across the face over the mouth. Fill the triangle and mouth with black cream makeup.  
  1. Create brown lines down the face on the larger portion of the crack using brown makeup. Fill the large portion of the face with orange cream makeup.

Dia De Los Muertos


  1. Black eyeliner
  2. Black cream makeup
  3. Red cream makeup
  4. White cream makeup
  5. Five cotton swabs 
  6. Two sponges


  1. Create circles around the eyes, a mustache, a weblike design on the forehead, and a nose shape cut down the center with black cream makeup.
  2. Draw a decorative design on the chin.
  3.  For the mouth, draw a horizontal line across the face with vertical lines in it across the mouth all with black eyeliner.
  1. Fill in the nose and eyes with black cream makeup. 
  2. Create red circles around the eyes using red cream makeup and a cotton swab.
  1. Fill the rest of the face with white cream makeup using cotton swabs and sponges.