Spring Trends

Top four fashion trends possibly coming in spring 2019.


Natalie Rodabough

Fashion trends are often recycled from past decades with a new flare.

As 2019 begins, new trends spring up constantly. Join in on the possible new trends in the spring.


With many 70’s and 80’s trends making a come back in style, tie-dye is bound to make a reappearance, according to fashionmagazine.com. Tie dye was most popular in the ’70s and prominently worn by those associated with the bohemian style. With many now appealed by that style, it is likely that bright, fluorescent colors will make a return.

Bermuda shorts

In 2018, bike shorts became more fashionable and were favored by many. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Nicki Minaj have popularized bike shorts, starting up a longer short trend. Bermuda shorts have been around for a long time, but they have never necessarily been “in style.”

“I like [bermuda shorts] because I feel like they can be really flattering and I don’t feel self-conscious in them,” junior Lacey Slezak said.

Flare jeans

According to whowhatwear.com, the ’70s have influenced many trends and it is no different with flare jeans. As a staple piece, especially with a good pair of heels, flare jeans were bound to make a comeback.

“I feel like [flare jeans] are really different and bring back the old days and fun vibes,” Senior Gracie Wescott said.

Puffed Sleeves

According to uvm.com, puffed sleeves were most popular in the 1800’s providing a modest, fashionable way to dress up. In modern day, puffed sleeves can be used to make a simple blouse or top more fashionable. Vintage style is becoming more in style, however, it is mostly 70’s to 80’s trends. This possible new trend is older and could become very popular.