Simply Spring

Tips on decorating for the spring season


Photo by Olivia Eigenmann

A collection of spring decor

As the weather changes with the seasons, many decide to change the decor in their homes. Spring decorations can consist of plants, pops of color and art. This time of year can be used to experiment with different design ideas, but that does not mean it has to be expensive. Simple ways to decorate for spring can be done with these tips.

Use pastel or bright colors
In the winter months, darker colors are more likely to be used, but in spring, one should brighten up with pastels or bolder, brighter colors. With the sun out, pastel colors like lavender or yellow can make the atmosphere appear light, calming and create a sense of earthiness. In addition, bolder colors such as bright pink or orange can make any room stand out, all according to

Consider greenery
Greenery is one way to spruce up a space, whether it is real or fake. Plants are able to fill empty areas, create warmth and add a touch of personality, according to Not only do plants enhance a space, but they also create a healthier environment, increase creativity and improve a person’s mental health. However, if the plants are real, make sure to figure out what plants work best for the lighting and temperature of the rooms, as they could end up dying without proper conditions, all according to

Add statement accents
When using lighter colors, adding a statement piece can leave a lasting impression on a room, according to Statement pieces can include items such as throw pillows, artwork or even peel-and-stick wallpaper. These all can make the space appear larger or smaller, add texture or bring out other subtle features, according to

Display own work
Family photos are a great way to show off memories and create more of a personal feeling in a home. Having meaningful photos is something that can be eye-catching and unique, according to Another way to add a personal touch is to create something handmade. Creating handmade items can make someone be focused and feel accomplished. These decorations can include pottery or embroidered artwork, according to