Forgotten Fashions of the 2010’s

Remembering styles from the childhood of the seniors


Photo provided by Kenzie Peterson

Eight-year-old Kenzie Peterson poses in her Justice outfit.

Fashion is an expressive way of showing a person’s sense of style and personality. Over time, people’s tastes in clothes have changed, yet those 2010 styles can still be remembered even if it is not in season. This time period was a memorable fashion era where anything from animal prints to neon colors was popular, according to

Some students remember being fashionable in fabrics such as denim or specific branded clothes such as Juicy Couture, Miss Me and Von Dutch. These clothing brands were and still are available at stores such as Amazon, Outfitters and JCPenny’s.

“I remember alot of Justice branded clothes, I also remember alot of crop tops with tank tops underneath as well as leggings underneath shorts with Skechers,” senior Kenzie Peterson said.

Another early 2000s style was to wear long sleeve shirts with khaki pants as well as matching neon shorts and t-shirts from popular brands such as Adidas, Nike or Fila, according to

“I remember everything was super loose, baggy jeans were a thing and so were oversized t-shirts,” senior Campion Welsh said. “People would also do that thing where they would wear a plain t-shirt over a long sleeved shirt. And oh my goodness the amount of hair gel guys would put in their hair to spike it up was absurd, you could use their hair to puncture car tires.”

Recently, retailers have been coming out with 2010’s designed outfits. Stores such as Topshop and Nordstrom have clothing that are similar to that specific style such as the bandage dress and tracksuits, according to

Whether deemed fashion or flop, these outfits are great to look back upon as it can bring one back to days where their fashion sense was just getting started.