Vacation Destinations

Places to visit this upcoming summer

As summer break approaches, one may be wondering where they would like to go on vacation. With the availability of more time, summer can be a period for travel and resetting mental health

Nashville, Tenn. is a place of music, history and fun. The Music City is home to not only the Grand Ole Opry music venue which showcases a variety of country singers and other performers, but it also has the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum. Another attraction this city has to offer is Nashville’s “Biggest and Wildest” Tractor Tour. In this tour, visitors are pulled by a tractor throughout the city as a tour guide talks about Nashville. The Belmont mansion is where one can learn about Nashville’s history, the civil war, architecture and art of past times, all according to

“I enjoyed the atmosphere the most,” sophomore Jordan Thompson said. “There was music straight up everywhere because the restaurants had huge windows where the live bands would play.”

Lake of the Ozarks
The Lake of the Ozarks is one of the largest man made lakes in America that features more than 1,100 miles of shoreline. While Lake of the Ozarks’ main attraction is the lake itself, there are plenty of things one can do that do not involve swimming, boating or fishing. In the towns surrounding the lake, there are activities available such as golfing, zip lining, horseback riding, shopping as well as restaurants and snack shops. If one would like to go boating or participate in other water activities, the proper equipment is available to rent, all according to

“I visit the Lake of the Ozarks during the summer with friends and family to have a fun weekend out in the sun swimming,” sophomore Andrea Heaney said.

Olympic National Park
Located in Port Angeles, Washington, Olympic National Park is a place full of scenic views and many activities. The park has many hiking trails that allows individuals to see different sides of this vast piece of land. Hiking locations include temperate rainforest hikes, mountain hikes, lowland forest hikes and coastal hikes, all according to Some recreational activities besides hiking that one could partake in are biking, fishing, boat tours and guided stargazing. While staying at Olympic National Park, one can set up camp or lodge in the cabins, all according to

“I like going to National Parks because it is a way that me and my family bond together,” senior Sarah Finnegan said. “I have always loved vacationing with my family and we try to visit a new park each time we go to a vacation spot with national parks.”

Folly Beach
Folly beach resides in South Carolina and is a beach destination that could be enjoyed by the whole family. With an active day and night life, there are many activities to indulge in. In this beach city, it is common to walk or to ride in a golf cart to get to each destination. There are also farmers’ markets and small businesses that provide a taste of the city. Folly Beach can be a learning experience as well through the folly boat eco-tours that showcase the many ecosystems that exist in the surrounding oceans and the marshes, all according to

“I think the best part of Folly Beach is the atmosphere,” senior Jacob Fetsch said. “Everything is just so laid back and relaxing while also having a lot to do on such a small island. You really get that island vibe from it.”