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Where to buy ethically sourced swimsuits for summer

With summer coming up and online shopping becoming more familiar, finding swimsuits online may be the way to go this season. Thanks to the internet and online shops, there are plenty of options to do so. Whether or not the store is eco-friendly or something to support can be a deciding factor when it comes to shopping, therefore, this list will ensure a good company with great intent.

This first brand, ASOS, is a big advocate for animal-free products, body positivity, LGBTQ activism and diversity, according to asos.com. Not only are they a very positive company, but their swimwear is very well made and up to style.

Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters has a zero-tolerance policy regarding discrimination. They have pledged to hire a more diverse team, conduct mandatory diversity and inclusion training for their staff and will speak out loudly against racism, all according to urbanoutfitters.com. This store not only has great values, but it is very popular among teens as it provides great quality and trendy clothing.

Photo by Scott Eelles, Getty Images.
Aerie, a sub-brand owned by American Eagle Outfitters, pledges to be an inclusive, optimistic and empowering company that celebrates the individuality of their customers, according to aeo-inc.com. Aerie is known for being up to date on the latest trends each season, as well as producing fashionable swimwear that is quickly approved by teens.

Nani Swimwear
Nani, an all-women-run company, is on a mission to empower women. They aspire to put an end to the unrealistic photos seen in publications, as well as celebrate body diversity, not stigmatize it. Not only are they big advocates for women and body positivity, but they claim that almost half of their suits are made from recycled plastic water bottles, all according to naniswimwear.com.

Princess Polly
Princess Polly is focused across four impact areas such as equality and community, ethical sourcing, sustainable products and protecting the planet, according to princesspolly.com. Serving looks this upcoming season will definitely be accomplished in Princess Polly swimwear.