In the Bins

A highlight on Goodwill Outlet stores


Cailey Blackmer

Goodwill Outlet in Bridgeton, MO. Photo provided by Cailey Blackmer.

Taking over fast fashion, thrift shopping has grown in popularity over the years because of Generation Z’s rising concerns in the world. Worries about climate change, cruel treatment of fast fashion workers and keeping up with the latest trends have all been reasons why Generation Z has adopted the thrifting hobby, according to One of the largest surplus thrift stores around is the Goodwill Outlet: a large building where the items are located in numerous bins that are placed in lines along the outlet floor. At a normal Goodwill store, clothes average at about $4 per item. Purses can be $5 and shoes can cost up to $8. Goodwill Outlet stores, however, have different pricing systems than their regular stores.

“What I like most about [the Goodwill Outlet] is that they price by the pound and that they also restock their items every day,” senior Jackson Pohlman said.

Items at the Goodwill Outlet go for $1.19 per pound, with glasswares priced at 19 cents each and books at 25 cents each. The bins at the outlet store contain anything from clothing items to games and other household items such as decor and furniture.

“I’ve been to the Goodwill Outlet and I absolutely love it,” senior Cecelia DiMercurio said. “There’s always unique finds and they charge by the pound so I can get about ten things for ten dollars. I would definitely suggest going there because it’s so fun.”

Second hand shopping can come with many benefits. By thrifting, individuals are able to purchase clothes at a cheaper price while helping the environment. Buying second hand clothing reduces waste and saves energy while also giving back to the community, according to

“Thrifting is really good for our environment considering the amount of fabric and clothing that is wasted,” DiMercurio said. “It’s a good way to do what you can for the environment.”

Goodwill outlet stores can be found in Bridgeton, MO and St. Louis. They open at 10 a.m. every day and stay open until 1 p.m. After that, they open up again from 3-6 p.m.