Between The Threads: Gabby St. Jean

Style spotlight of sophomore Gabby St. Jean

Everyone has a different style that reflects one’s personality. For sophomore Gabby St Jean, her style reflects her personality on the daily.

While many people shop at more traditional stores, St Jean likes to find some of her clothes from thrift shops. St Jean finds pieces that are less common in other stores.

“I love to thrift! While thrifting, you can find unique clothing items that nobody else will have,” St Jean said.

While looking for her clothing inspiration, St Jean looks to different social media outlets and to people around her.

“I get a lot of my outfit inspiration from Pinterest,” St Jean said. “There are some fashion trends I follow, not because I want to follow trends, but because I may see someone else wearing something and think it may look good on me too.”

One could describe her style as athletic and chic. St Jean likes to incorporate her sportier clothes with other seasonal trends.

“I like to wear sweaters, leggings, and athletic shorts because they’re comfortable,” St Jean said. “I like the Air Force 1 trend and graphic t-shirt trend.”

St Jean likes to test her style by wearing things that she originally thought she would not like.

“Things I never thought I would wear, I still wear, and end up liking,” St Jean said. “This makes me go outside of my comfort zone and makes my style become more unique.”