Decor on a Dime

Transforming a room with boho flair

Boho, or Bohemian style, implements elements that bring life and fullness into the room. The style represents a mindset of free spirits, warmth and relaxation. Often including earthy tones, vintage pieces, plant life and neutral furniture pieces, the Boho design brings eclectic vibes that embrace the carefree and unusual lifestyle, according to

Boho style is trendy, so furniture and decorations entailing it can often have high price tags. Luckily, there are many ways to avoid draining the bank, such as creating decorations in a do-it-yourself (DIY) way.

“I think [DIY] is very beneficial because it’s something that you make specially to represent you,” senior Melanie Svetina said. “When you go out and buy decorations, you have to specifically find some that match. When you DIY it, it’s made to match you.”

Mini Mirror Table
A mini mirror table can serve as a unique and chic piece. By using neutral tones, this DIY can achieve the simple goal of beautifully showcasing belongings.

Cailey Blackmer

Paint color of choice
Gift box lid
Diamond wrap


Paint the lid of a gift box the base color of choice.
Glue a mirror of corresponding size to the top of the lid.
Cut four pieces of diamond wrap according to the length of each side of the lid.
Finish by gluing the strands of diamond wrap on the sides of the lid.

Mini Terrariums
Terrariums are used to look like small gardens and forests, but it can often be pricey to pay for real plants and other natural materials. A DIY mini terrarium gives the same mini-ecosystem feeling of a real terrarium without the large price tag.

Cailey Blackmer

“Terrariums are super cool because they’re so simple,” sophomore Benjamin Miles said. “Even with their simplicity, they can bring a relaxing tone to any room.”

Decorative cup/container
Plastic succulents
Decorative pebbles
White paint


Place a small wad of newspaper at the bottom of a decorative cup or container.
Place succulents in a small piece of styrofoam, making sure the styrofoam can fit in the container, and paint the styrofoam white.
Use glue to create a small layer of decorative pebbles on the top of the styrofoam.
Place the styrofoam in the decorative cup or container.
Finish by surrounding the styrofoam with decorative rocks and rearranging succulents as needed.
TOTAL COST: $4.00 per terrarium

Hanging Plant Decor
Real plants can often cause trouble, as they tend to require large amounts of caretaking to keep them alive. By using fake plants in this DIY, one does not have to worry about keeping up with the aesthetic green of live plants.

Cailey Blackmer

“I think fake plants are so cute,” Svetina said. “They add more mature character to a room.”


Strand of fake leaves
Strand of fake flowers
Optional fairy lights


Nail pins into a wall to mark the ends of the decor strand.
Tie a piece of string tightly in between the two pins.
Arrange a strand of fake leaves around the string as desired, leaving the ends to hang down from the pins.
Add a strand of fake flowers as desired, wrapping them around the leaves to create an accent, making sure the entire string is covered to achieve a look of fullness.
Finish by wrapping fairy lights around the design if desired.
TOTAL COST: $15.00 (including fairy lights)