Utilizing body shape in clothing


With an array of different body shapes, there are different clothing styles that flatter a variety of physiques. Finding clothes that mesh with one’s aesthetic is important. Searching for the right clothes may not be the easiest task, but knowing what will potentially fit the best makes the painstaking journey simpler and more enjoyable.


Rectangle shape

When having a rectangular body shape, curves tend to be proportionate and cancel each other out. The waist may be seen as undefined, giving off the “boxy” look. It is recommended to find clothes that give an illusion of dimension to achieve a more curvy look.

  • Scooped and sweetheart necklines tend to draw more attention to the bust to show off curves.
  • Wear long jackets to define the waist and provide a slimmer fit.
  • Wear pants that are form fitting. They hug the legs to show off the body’s curves.
  • Layer up to provide more dimensions to the body as well as defining body contours.


“A sweetheart neckline adds some curves, or a pencil skirt with a side-slit shows off your legs and adds visual interest,” personal stylist Colleen Bayus said in an interview with sheknows.com.

Pear shape

With the pear shape,  hips are typically wider than the shoulders. It is best to embrace the shoulders and the torso, since they are seen as the best features for this physique, according to sheknows.com.

  • Choose tight fitted tops and button downs to draw more attention to the upper body. To add some bling to the look, choose embellishments on the collar to furthermore embrace one’s top half.
  • Wear wide-hemmed pants to make the legs appear longer. This will visually balance one’s figure.
  • Try dresses with creative hemlines to create illusion of making one’s waist and hips look more fitted.


“Opt for visually interesting hemlines on dresses that slim the hips and thighs, like the hi-lo trend or a tulip skirt,” fashion designer J’Amy Tarr said in an interview with Sheknows.com.


Apple shape

When having an apple shape, there is very little definition at the waist and a more broad upper body including a larger bust size. The lower half of the body is not in proportion to the upper body. Bring attention the legs and bust area as they are the best features for this body shape.

  • Experiment with v-necks to show off upper body contours and to elongate the torso.
  • Try bootcut or flared jeans to draw more attention to the legs.
  • Wear skirts to show off the legs and to distract the mid-section.
  • Be sure to wear loose fitting tops that are not too tight, this will emphasize the best features for this frame.

“[For apple shaped bodies] it’s important to lengthen your body,” Tarr said. “A way to create a waistline and draw attention away from the mid-section is to wear a structured jacket with a dress.


Due to the wide range of body types, it is not a simple task to find clothing that makes one feel comfortable in their own skin as well as keeping up their appearance. Although looking fashionable is ideal, feeling confident in clothes is what will shine brighter than what any body shape will.


“What other people think and what they say really doesn’t matter because if you’re happy with your outfit then it is going to show,” sophomore Charlie Ewings said. “Be confident in what you wear because that is going to project off of you and people are going to notice that”