What’s your position on the transition?    


By Sami Banden


      It is that wonderful time of year again, where people walk outside in the morning with icicles forming on their noses, and then walk out in the afternoon with sweat beading on their foreheads. With spring coming right around the corner, it becomes an awkward and annoying task of keeping warm in the mornings but also cool in the afternoons. Not to mention, with seasons changing comes color palette change. The overall shift between periods is tricky, but with a bit of information on layering and obeying the laws of pastel, it is much easier to fit in with the calming spring vibes.


It is a complex task to fall out of the daily pattern of dressing up warm after four months of doing so. Some immediately make the jump by wearing a sweatshirt and jeans to wearing a tanktop and shorts within a day. Unless being a teenage popsicle is the desired route, this method is not advised, since spring mornings in Missouri tend to be rather chilly. The simple answer to such a predicament is layering.


“Denim jackets are great because they’re warm in the mornings and provide a lot of coverage,” junior Evelyn Mabie said. “You can take them off easily and stay cool during the afternoon, not to mention they’re really cute.”


Wearing garments such as denim jackets or flannels is convenient, due to the trend of tying the outerwear around the waist. Typically, it is encouraged to compensate and coordinate with the pants. For example, if the shirt is short sleeved, then longer pants would be most suitable.


      The warmth and practicality is only half of the battle, since there is also the palette and design to take into consideration when making the transition. When people think of winter, the main concept consists of darker colors and cozy sensation. Spring is much different. It inspires an active and brighter attitude among peers.


“My biggest tip is to pay attention to various pastel or floral styles in stores” senior Emily Smith said, “Then look in less expensive places like Plato’s Closet, Hut 8, or Goodwill to find similar items that way you get a lower price for more unique, spring-esque items.”

Participating in the seasonal trends looks good, but it also shows a decent amount of interest in the art of fashion. Despite the clumsy attempt to fight both the cold and warm weather at the same time, there are still multiple routes to pursue when it comes to battling spring. Not only are clothes an amazing way to express this, but makeup is as well, since it both compliments the overall mood certain clothes give off and creates a fresh layer to your new spring self.


“To be honest my favorite [makeup style] to wear are those that are really hokey and silly but are still cute in some way,” Smith said, “Blush baby cheeks make you look hopeful and vivid, which practically screams fresh spring, fresh start.”


      Keeping all these methods in mind sets a route in place so the transition is not so brash and sudden. Enact all said techniques of hokey make-up and pastel vibes, and it is sure to keep the icy and dark moods of winter at bay.