Style switch-up

Along with making New Year’s resolutions, try shaking up the ol’ wardrobe. Get out of your comfort zone and in with the newest 2018 fashion trends.

Style switch-up


Closet Detox:

While it sounds terrifying, begin to throw out or donate unnecessary articles of clothing that have not been worn in a while. That tacky Christmas sweater, items that don’t fit, and that ugly hoodie from American Eagle bought at age thirteen can be tossed. By ridding of the extra clothes, space is created for new pieces to be added, as well as allowing for organization.


“I separate my clothes by items,” junior Claire Pearl said. “I have all my short sleeve shirts together, long sleeve shirts together, dresses, pants, sweaters, etc.”  



By customizing the clothes that you already own, an element of uniqueness is added. Visit the nearest craft store and go wild. Buttons, thread, iron ons, lace, studs, sequins, zippers, paint and dye can turn old items new again. Various posts online can spark inspiration, as well as help the creative process of upcycling their clothing.


“I make little changes such as knotting a shirt or cuffing some jeans,” Pearl said. “Just [add] little things to make the clothes look more flattering”.



Adding a few bits and bobs on your wrist and neck can make a bland outfit come to life. Between dainty earrings or large statement necklaces, the options are endless in regards to what they can bring to a look. Accessories can create pops of color and draw attention to an originally boring look.


“Accessories such as jewelry, shoes, or maybe a fun jacket are an easy way step up your outfit game and take it to a new level,” Pearl said.


Hair Styling:

Add some layers, chop it off or get some bangs. The shape of hair can completely change one’s whole visual appeal. When seeking something more drastic than a cut, dye it. There are a lot more hair color options than often realized, so some research, ask friend’s opinions, then make the leap. Outside of a cut or color, new styles of hair can transform an outfit. Buns, braids, curls and many other options are trends among almost every social media platform. Once obtaining the proper tools, such as bobby pins and rubber bands, get to work trying out new hair do’s.


“I would say my hair definitely comes into play with my outfits,” senior Sophie Riley said. “If I’m wearing something more flowy I like to curl my hair, and when I’m wearing something more simple I like to straighten it out or put it in a cute side braid”.

Shopping outside of your clothes comfort zone:

After detoxing the closet, it may be possible to find items that seem very similar to each other. When shopping, try to buy garments that are like nothing already owned. Everyone tends to be drawn to things they are used to being seen in. In order to change your look, search for unique colors and patterns that completely differ from everything you own, but still appeal to you. By bringing in these new articles of clothing, there will be much more variety.


“I would say for people changing up their wardrobe, always stay true to yourself, but you don’t have to stick to one style [when picking out new clothes],” Riley said.


There are infinite ways to change up your style , whether it be so small as a new patterned shirt or as big as dying your hair, but whatever you do, you are sure to impress all with the looks you will serve.