Underground Clothing

Running into people wearing the same t-shirt is common and happens to people constantly. American Eagle, Hollister, Charlotte Russe, Victoria’s Secret and Pacsun are all considered to be mainstream clothing stores. Although there is nothing wrong with wearing clothing from these stores, many of the styles are repetitive and are commonly seen everyday.

For those trying to find underground fashion, one of the best places to start looking is on the internet. Underground clothing is not the typical clothing that is found at the local mall. It is not clothing based on common culture or what is trending. Underground clothing has more expression and inflammatory views in society.

“The mainstream comes to you, but you have to find the underground,” artist Frank Zappa said, according to freedomfeens.com.

            There are thousands of clothing brands that many people have not heard of. Much of the underground clothing scene is based off of urban style, which is clothing that goes against formal everyday fashion like khaki pants, leggings and sportswear. Most underground clothing is streetwear that consists heavily of graphics, urban settings, turmoil and modern art.It comes from cities all over the nation, the most popular places being Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles.  

Not everyone makes trips to these cities regularly, but many underground brands have websites that make their clothing accessible to all of their customers. There is a brand for everyone and the majority of these brands are ran by entrepreneurs that make small businesses with their friends and make the clothing out of their garages, according to greenlabel.com.  

Check out brands like “Illegal Civilization”, “Some Ware”, “Pacers”, “Only ones”, “Drop out club intl”, “Pleasure and Neighbors”. Underground clothing style could be taken in consideration when making a change in style and clothing options, especially when looking for new and interesting clothing styles.