Fenty Beauty


The well-known R&B singer, Rihanna, is most recognized for her iconic hits. In recent, however, she has put an end to the lack of diversity in the makeup industry and has been inspired by the idea of helping every single woman in the world to feel her best, according to wmagazine.com. By releasing her new makeup line, Fenty Beauty, she has redefined the standard for makeup that suits women of all color.


Fenty Beauty includes the Pro Filt’r foundation with notably over 40 different shades. This gives everyone the opportunity to find a shade that matches their complexion. Most makeup brands create products that only tailor to a select few, making it difficult for individuals that have more complex skin tones, find something that works for them. Many wonder why brands haven’t made this effort.


“I think it’s never been done before because beauty brands are afraid those products won’t sell,” senior Zoe Juma said.


Rihanna has also come out with other exciting products, including the Match Stix Matte Skinstick. Available in 20 shades, it functions as a concealer, contour and highlight. It comes in stylish magnetic tubes and sells at $54. Another popular product in the collection is the beautifully golden Trophy Wife highlighter. Trophy Wife shimmers for everyone with its strong pigment. It is priced at $34. All of her makeup sells at a low price for being high quality.


The importance of having a proper makeup line with more than just a few colors in the middle of the spectrum, now has a major light shed upon it. Rihanna is already coming out with more products, announcing a new holiday collection including an eyeshadow palette and eyeliner. She has definitely made the message clear to the world, that all women need to be included-makeup cannot be constricted to only certain women.


“You can finally wear affordable makeup that’s also good quality and your actual skin tone,” senior Darlena Glenn said.