Passing on the Crown

The fight for the title of Mr. Jaguar was fierce, but one contestant selflessly gave away his award.


Claire Pearl

Senior Kenneth Hillen and Matthew Armstrong after Hillen gave Armstrong the Mr. Jaguar Crown.

Mr. Jaguar; an opportunity for the boys of the school to show off their personalities. The show consists of a dance routine, skits, beauty walk and awards. This year, senior Kenneth Hillen stole the show, however, he decided to pass his award to senior Matthew Armstrong.

“[I thought] it would mean a lot more to him than it did to me,” Hillen said. “He won Mr. Congeniality and he just lit up, and I was like, if I win, I want to give it to him.”

Armstrong’s reaction was priceless and will be remembered for years to come.

“I was honestly dumbfounded,” Armstrong said. “I was already Mr. Congeniality when I heard Kenneth’s name. I never expected he would do something like forfeit his title. If I was in shock after Congeniality, I was in full coma when Kenneth gave me the crown. It took a minute to even process what had just happened.”

The comradery shown through Mr. Jaguar brings the most unlikely of friends together. Blending personalities and creating timeless memories.

“He was almost ready to cry, you could see on his face, it made his year and that’s why I did it. He deserved it, [with a] 36 on his ACT, he deserves recognition,” Hillen said.