Food, Fun and Fellowship

Many athletes have an external drive for why they play sports, for some, that is Christianity.


Vanessa Ohuoha

Senior Kamy Smelser leads prayer with student and staff before school.

Two sisters, alumni Kennedy Onuoha and junior Vanessa Onuoha, founded Fellow Christian Athletes (FCA) in 2016 in hopes to connect student athletes through Christianity. For those who keep Christianity in mind while they play on the field, FCA is a perfect fit.

“We wanted to be able to encourage people and uplift them through high school,” Onuoha said. “The three F’s of FCA are food, fun and fellowship and that is really what we are about.”

Although Kennedy Onuoha graduated in 2018, Vanessa Onuoha and senior Kamy Smelser hold meetings every other Thursday in the library.

“We are a place where students can meet, enjoy each others company and lift each other up through God,” Onuoha said.