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Ukrainian celebrities defend their country against Russia’s invasion


Photo by Koodee_zp, Pixabay

The Ukrainian flag is shown.

As Ukraine fights back against Russian forces, some celebrities are stepping back from their careers to join the effort. These celebrities, whether experienced in combat or not, have taken up arms and are using their famous influence to spread urgency in joining with them.

Oleksii Potiomkin
The first soloist in Kyiv’s National Opera of Ukraine as a ballet dancer is Oleksii Potiomkin. There, he earned the title, “Honored Artist of Ukraine.” Potiomkin is now stepping back from his ballet career as he is serving his country. Potiomkin claims he has always had an interest in history and the military. He is familiar with the weaponry he is using; however, shooting at a range is nothing compared to being at war, all according to and

Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko
Formerly recognized as heavyweight boxing champions, brothers Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko are now serving in the Ukrainian military. One of the brothers, Vitali, is the current mayor of Kyiv and has been mayor since 2014. Vitali claims his main priority as mayor is to work alongside military and emergency services. Wladimir continues to speak out against Putin on social media, most recently accusing Putin of mass genocide, all according to and

Vasiliy Lomachenko
Two-time Olympic gold medalist Vasiliy Lomachenko turned down a boxing title match to serve in the Ukrainian military and stay with his family. Lomachenko had agreed to fight George Kambosos Jr. in Melbourne, Australia, in June; however, Lomachenko had joined a territorial defense battalion and flew from Greece to Ukraine instead of leaving for training camp, all according to

Andriy Khlyvnyuk
Andriy Khlyvnyuk is the lead singer of a Ukrainian band called “Boombox.” However, Khlyvnyuk has decided to put his singing on pause as well as send his kids to live with his grandmother in order to join the fight against Russia. Khlyvnyuk claims it is not time for playing guitars; it is time to pick up the rifles. He then goes on to say, if the Ukrainian citizens can help in any way, stay in the country to fight and do not count on the help of others, all according to

Petro Poroshenko
Petro Poroshenko, former Ukrainian president, has joined a territorial defense battalion in order to fight against Russian forces. Poroshenko claims Russia will pay for each soldier and civilian and that the world will not be the same. With limited supplies, Poroshenko and his territorial defense battalion are prepared to fight, all according to