Raising A New Cane’s

A new Raising Cane’s is built on Highway K


Grace Lafeber

Canes three-piece chicken meal. This inlcudes chicken, bread, fries, and the classic Cane’s sauce.

Adding to the many popular restaurants that fill the sides of Highway K, there is a new addition coming soon, Raising Cane’s. Cane’s is being built on the intersection of Highway K and Mexico Road This new location will give O’Fallon residents quicker access to one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in St. Louis according to yelp.com.

“I am super excited to have another Cane’s because I know people who live around here don’t like driving out to Mid Rivers whenever they want Cane’s,” junior Claire Ashley said. “I think the new location will be pretty busy because the Mid Rivers location is always super busy. It’ll definitely get a lot of business.”

Currently, the nearest location to O’Fallon is in Mid Rivers, which is about a 20 minute drive. This new location will be much closer so that Cane’s will be an option for a quick meal on the go.

“I’m very excited that I won’t have to drive as far anymore because whenever I want Cane’s I have to ask myself if I really want to drive all the way out to Mid Rivers, or if I would rather get something that is a little closer,” junior Braden Pickle said.

Raising Cane’s has a simple menu that offers four different meal choices. The three-finger combo, the box combo, the Caniac combo, and the sandwich combo. All choices come with sides of crinkle-cut fries, a piece of texas toast, a regular fountain drink and a Cane’s sauce. The only difference between each choice varies between the number of chicken fingers.

“I usually order the Caniac combo that comes with six chicken strips,” Pickle said. “This option allows me to get more for my money.”