Meet the Candidates

Thing to know about the front runners for president.

Photo by K. C. Alfred
Elizabeth Warren speaks at a town hall meeting.


Joseph R. Biden Jr. 26%
Vice President in 2008 and 2012
Women have accused him of touching them in ways that made them uncomfortable
Supports strengthening economic protections for low income workers

Bernie Sanders 23%
Democratic Socialist and Senator from Vermont
Runner-up in the 2016 Democratic Primary
Endorses medicare for all, free college tuition, and taxing on the wealthy

Elizabeth Warren 15%
Massachusetts Senator and former Harvard professor
Aims to end income inequality, political corruption, and the attack on the middle class

“It’s really a mix,” sophomore Lizzie McCush said. “I’ve been a big fan of Biden for the past five years. I feel he has the most experience for the election and gains a lot of respect from the head of democrats, but I haven’t seen him be vocal of policies that he wants just that he wants to end Trumps run. Bernie is the most obvious supported from the younger generations and I support a lot of his policies and ideas, but he falls in my support as he doesn’t really understand the pharmaceutical issues and medicine. I support Warren and feel like she inspires young girls and has a really good approach with questions and her gender. I feel Warren gives me the most pull as she is really inspiring and wants to make a change in the minorities are treated. In the end it would have to be Bernie as he has shown the most support, he really gains attraction to youth and people like me who are unable to vote in the upcoming election but will be the most impacted by what happens.”

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Donald J. Trump 89%
Current President, beat Hillary Clinton in 2016
Main accomplishment was an improve in the economy
Supports strict immigration policies and renegotiating global deals regarding arms control, trade and climate change

William F. Weld 3%
Ran as Libertarian for Vice President in 2016
Was a vocal critic of Trump, calling his immigration tactics similar to Kristallnacht
Endorses legal marijuana, fiscal restraint and moderate immigration reform

Joe Walsh 3%
Served one term in the House of Representatives
Once called Barack Obama a “Muslim” and a “traitor”
Supports minimal executive power, a secure border and reduction of the national debt

“I support [Trump] because he’s a strong leader,” junior Blair Speas said. “He follows through on his commitments, he’s boosted our economy, and he gives America a backbone that I feel a democratic nominee wouldn’t be able to give. Also, the unemployment rate for women is super low thanks to his policies and economic work.”

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