A Robbery Of Life

Rapper Juice World has died at the age of 21

Rapper Jarad Higgins, more commonly known as Juice Wrld, died at the age of 21, in Chicago, Ill. The singer experienced a medical emergency shortly after arriving at Chicago’s Midway International Airport around 1 a.m., according to people traveling with him, Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said in an email to CNN. The rapper died shortly after, in a hospital, according to the police.

When a private plane carrying Juice Wrld arrived, law enforcement officials were waiting, having received warnings from the federal task force that guns and drugs could potentially be on board, according to newyorktimes.com.

Soon after investigating the plane, federal agents found Mr. Higgins in possession of Narcan, a drug used to revive people thought to be overdosing on opioids. Within seven minutes, the Chicago Fire Department had been on the scene.

“But the artist, who had been taken to the hospital, was pronounced dead just after 3 a.m.,” Guglielmi said.

Officials said that when the plane arrived at the Atlantic Aviation Hangar at the Midway Airport, it contained approximately 70 pounds of marijuana in 41 sealed bags, six bottles of liquid-prescribed codeine cough syrup and three weapons, including two 9 mm handguns and a .40-caliber weapon, along with steel piercing bullets and a high-capacity ammunition box, according to newyorktimes.com.

Two men who are known as personal security guards for Higgins — Christopher Long, 36, and Henry Dean, 27 — were charged with possession of guns and ammunition illegally.

They had a conceal and carry permit valid in the state of Illinois, but it did not allow them to bring the weapons into an airport.

Following this tragic news, celebrities are mourning his loss on social media after news of his death was released.

“I would like to see all the younger talent live longer and I hate waking up hearing another story filled with blessings was cut short,” Drake said in an Instagram post.

Ski Mask the Slump God also wrote about the loss of his friend and collaborator in a thread of tweets.

“HE CANT BE GONE,” Ski Mask the Slump God said. “They Keep Taking My Brothers From Me Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”