Altering The ACT

The new changes to the standardized test


Ella Brown

Desks in the auditorium are arranged for standardized testing

Strategies. Number two pencils. 36. Multiple choice. The ACT is enough to inspire anxiety in anyone. In an effort to reduce stress for students, the ACT will be allowing students to retake individual portions of the test. 

“In my experience, students taking individual sections do drastically better than when they sit for the full exam,” admissions consultant Joshua Mauro said. “I see that as a way to reduce anxiety.”

The ACT will “superscore” the highest performance from each subject, allowing students to earn the best overall score possible. However, only some colleges accept an ACT Superscore. With such a drastic change in store, many are wondering how this could affect them and their university experience. 

“It will greatly benefit the students,” junior Nick Herbst said. “It allows for the students to focus on their worst subject and improve on it without having to account for the rest of the test.”

The individual subject tests will cost less than the entire test, but ACT is yet to release the price. Students in low income houses will be given a discount for the individual test, similar to waivers given for the entire ACT.

Ella Brown
Desks in the wrestling room are arranged for standardized testing as well.