A Lasting Legacy

Every day, students of all backgrounds with different interests and passions roam the halls with one thing in common: they want to leave a mark.  From freshman orientation to graduation, the Friday night lights and midnight study sessions in between, high school is a place of change and adventure. In ten years, at the high school reunion, the alumni want to know they did something and made the most out of these few years.


Senior Shree Govani, one of the top ten in the graduating class, longs to have impacted her fellow classmates and brightened their lives.


“I was always aiming to be in the top ten,” said Govani. “But I don’t just want to be remembered for that, I want to be remembered as someone who made people laugh and smile.”


Govani plans to continue her education at St. Louis University or the University of Missouri Kansas City as she studies to go into the medical field where she will not only help people emotionally, but physically. She looks forward to using the information she has learned throughout high school to become a leader who is always lifting others up with her smile at her future university.


Playing four instruments including violin and guitar, senior Drew Miles flourished in high school as he reached new musical heights and was part of a myriad of activities.  Miles hopes that through his many interests, he will be remembered as an inspiration to his peers.


“I want to be remembered as someone who was creative and motivated others to fulfill their full potential,” said Miles.


Hoping to attend Truman State University in the fall, Miles wants to continue influencing people by sparking inspiration through collaborating with his fellow students and coming up with spontaneous ideas.   


With her passions focused on sports, athlete senior Grace Wright desires to be known as driven and accomplished. She wants to be someone who thrived throughout high school and excelled in both soccer and cross country.


“I want to be good enough that people would be like ‘Oh, you’re the girl who played this or ran this,’ Wright said. “I want to actually leave a mark and not just be someone who just came and went [in high school].”


Wright looks forward to her future at Evangel University where she will study meteorology. She hopes to continue to leave a legacy at her future home and be a positive impact to those around her.


High school was an adventure, but the time has come for the class of 2018 to take their final bows. They can look back at the memories they made and know that they did not only survive throughout high school, but they thrived, and their legacy will live on.