Senior Spotlight

Ashton Soots


Photo provided by Ashton Soots

Soots watching the sunset while on vacation.

After earning an athletic scholarship in her junior year, senior Ashton Soots graduated at semester and is now going to Lindenwood University.

“She is outstanding,” senior Lydia Sims said. “She always takes it upon herself to dribble the ball all the way down and go for the shot. She is a tremendous athlete, and I couldn’t have asked for any better forward.”

Soots has a very energetic personality when around her team. She is a compassionate, intelligent person. She has formed close relationships with her friends and has always been there for them.

“I’ve known her since fourth grade,” senior Kennedy Steber said. “She’s definitely helped me get through high school. I love her like a sister.”

On top of being an athlete in soccer, she values a healthy lifestyle. Soots likes to research nutrients and try some healthier alternatives.

“She researches a lot,” Steber said. “She’ll try going dairy free and see if that works. She just loves to look into nutrients and research it, trying to make new recipes.”

In the end, Soots works hard and is committed to the things she loves.

“I’m proud of her for how far she’s come,” Sims said.