Tips for the Test

Advice to help pass through finals season

As first semester draws to an end, students can look forward to many things. Winter break, the holiday season and a fresh start to one’s grades are positives. However, there is one major feat that students must overcome before all that: finals. To achieve that desired grade, here are some tips to follow.

Make a Plan
Finals will be taken on Dec. 17, 20 and 21. Students should know what finals they have on what days to plan accordingly. This can allow them to focus on what to study first or more of. Since we have class periods before finals this year, students can likely plan on reviewing content or doing other assignments to prepare for their finals. However, one should not rely on just that time to study. To best study, create a plan of what you will study each day leading up to finals. Focus more on content you do not know and for classes you have lower grades in.

Use RogerHub (
RogerHub is a popular resource used by many students during this time of year. If one is unaware, RogerHub allows students to plug in their current class grade, their desired grade and the percentage of how much that final is worth for their overall grade. The result will tell students the grade they need on their final to reach or keep their desired grade. This can help students not only plan on what to study but how much to study per class.

Meet with Teachers
Most every teacher at the school is happy to help students in the mornings, during their plan, lunch or after school with studying or extra practice. It is important that students who have lower grades in certain classes meet with the appropriate teacher in the weeks before. Teachers can help students with homework, a study plan or calm their nerves about the test.

Remember: This Does Not Define You
While it is perceived well to succeed on one’s final exams, they do not define any individual student. During finals, students can undermine their own intelligence or worth due to low performance or nerves. When studying, taking the test and looking at the grade after, it is essential to remember that everyone is more than a grade. Everyone had their own talents, test taking might not be the strongest one.