What is Mr. Jaguar?

An explanation of what Mr. Jaguar entails


Photo by Sami Bowlin

The Mr. jaguar boys line up for a Boy Band inspired photo shoot.

Mark your calendar for March 5 and 6, the two nights of the Mr. Jaguaris premiere. This male pageant is designed to showcase the talents and lovability of its contestants. At the end of the night, one man is crowned Mr. Jaguar and wins bragging rights for the rest of his life. Contestants also can win categories such as Fan Favorite and Mr. Congeniality.

One of the most loved aspects of the show is the group dance.

“I really like learning the dance,” senior Max Scanlan said. “It’s a really unique opportunity and I really enjoy the experience.”

However, COVID-19 restrictions are changing the way the show looks. The boys are still allowed to dance and do skits, but social distancing and mask protocols will still take place, for everyone’s safety.

“I think things will feel a little different, but I don’t think it’s something that we can’t work around,” Scanlan said.

Each year, a theme is chosen for the Mr. Jaguar show. The 2021 show is inspired by Boyband culture, titled “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Tickets will be sold at lunch in February, look out for The Solitaire’s table. Tickets will be $6 and all seats will be assigned. The auditorium is only at 25% capacity so it’s important to secure your seat as soon as possible.