Steps to Success

Tips to help study more effectively


Photo by Amalia Cordingley

Student quietly studies while listening to music to help with the background noise.

Tests tend to make or break students’ grades in high school, so it is imperative that they are properly prepared for them. Effective study strategies and a little motivation is all students need to succeed in their studies, according to

Write in a planner
With every class doing something different, it can be easy to lose track of what needs to be done and when. Writing down all assignments, quiz dates and test dates in a planner can help one remember and manage time accordingly.

Eliminate distractions
Focusing on studying can be difficult when one’s phone is constantly vibrating. Putting one’s phone on mute and placing it out of reach or in a different room can eliminate distractions and help students concentrate on what needs to get done. Listening to music can also help limit distractions by giving one’s subconscious something to focus on. This way, students will not be distracted by the sounds of their environment.

“[When I study,] I usually set my phone on silent and put it to the side and turn on calming music,” freshman Katherine Severns said.

Get help from a friend
Reading the same notes over and over can get boring pretty quickly. Asking a friend to quiz together over the subject can make studying a little more interesting, and it can be a helpful tool to study for a quiz or test.

Take advantage of online resources
Quizlet, Kahoot and Quizizz are all free resources to help students study. Quizlet has flashcards, practice tests and study games. Kahoot and Quizizz have game and quiz features as well. Students can make their own study set on any of these platforms, or they can use sets created by other students and teachers on the site.

“I usually use Quizlet [to study],” Severns said. “It’s efficient, and I can make my own sets to help me understand terms better.”

Start studying early
Saving all studying for the night before does not always work out in the long run. While students may do well on the test the following day, it is likely that they are not going to remember that information by the time finals come around. Continuously studying notes throughout each unit will help significantly by the end of the semester.

Do not stress
It may be hard to look at a planner and not feel immediately overwhelmed by all of the upcoming assignments, but try not to stress. Take classes one assignment at a time and keep a level head. Managing time wisely and prioritizing certain assignments can help one be more successful.