Summer Cash

The benefit of summer jobs for high schoolers


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A student doing lawn work can help them gain some extra money

Summer comes and students look for an alternative way to spend their free time. A way to use your time while making money is to work a summer job. Teenagers get a chance to see a glimpse of the real world in the workforce. Cleaning cars, scooping ice cream and lifeguarding are all various job opportunities one can look for. These jobs can give students fulfillment from completing tasks and establishing a strong work ethic, all while earning extra cash over the hot season.

When comparing having a summer job and going to school throughout the year, schoolwork can give students more stress.

“Some benefits of working [in the summer] are that you can work a ton more hours than during the school year,” junior Grace Stocker said. “You don’t have to balance work with homework or studying.”

Summer jobs can give students a structured schedule for the summer.

“I learned to be more responsible,” senior Kelsey Steinhoff said. “I had to make sure I had enough hours, and I always showed up on time to work.

Working can lead students to reach short term goals, like a weekend trip, or even long term goals, such as extra savings for college.

“I wanted to get a job so I could pay for my first car,” Stoker said. “Once I had the money for the car, I felt like all the hours spent in the sun were finally worth it.”

Having a job as a teenager can help one grasp what they want to do in the future. Part-time jobs now can help students find future career paths.

“[My job benefits] my future because it has helped me [become] more responsible and [taught] me how to properly talk to my employers,” Steinhoff said. “I also work at a bridal shop now and that is related to what I want to do for my career.”

Summer job ideas:
Camp counselor
Foodservice worker
Movie theater worker
Retail salesperson
Ice cream shop employee