Virtual is the New Reality

Most colleges are moving to online tours due to campus shut downs related to COVID-19


University of Missouri- Columbia is offering virtual tours

As the school year quickly reaches its end, the class of 2021 continues the college search. Unfortunately, many campuses have been closed from the coronavirus, resulting in all tours to be postponed as well. Although campuses are closed, many colleges and universities are offering virtual campus tours or other options like talking with advisors or students that attend those schools.

“With virtual tours you can easily go from one college virtual tour to another and compare more efficiently,” junior Hannah Raymer said. “People should take advantage of virtual college tours because most of us have the time in quarantine to do so. Also, although you do not get the real college tour experience, doing virtual college tours is much cheaper than traveling to a college.”

Missouri colleges offering virtual tours:
University of Missouri- Columbia
University of Missouri- St Louis
University of Missouri- Kansas City
Missouri State University
St Louis University
Southeast Missouri State University
Truman State University
Maryville University
Lindenwood University