Get A Clue

A preview of the winter musical


Art created by Hunter Quinn

216 possible endings. Six suspects. Three nights. The choice is up to the audience in this year’s interactive performance of Clue: The Musical.

Each night, three audience members will be chosen to pick a card from each of the three decks: suspects, weapons, and rooms. Neither the audience nor the actors will be shown the cards, so everyone will be able to play the game throughout the show. On the back of the program, there will be a CLUE sheet for the audience members to mark off clues as they are given throughout the show.

Mr. Boddy, played by senior Jack Nichols, has invited six people with questionable pasts to have dinner at his mansion. Mr. Boddy is then murdered, and it is up to the audience to figure out: “Who done it?” As each suspect’s pasts are slowly uncovered, the mystery deepens. This comedic take on the classic board game offers entertainment for all ages to enjoy.


Mrs. White, played by senior Adam Maher, is Mr. Boddy’s housekeeper who has been working for less than adequate pay for many years to return the favor of Mr. Boddy bailing out her son from jail. Mrs. White is sick and tired of waiting on Mr. Boddy and would kill to regain some of her freedom.

Professor Plum, played by junior Madeline Powell, is an intelligent British professor and author. The Oxford alumni met Mr. Boddy in Washington and was asked to write a book for him for a sizable reward. Later, however, Boddy unjustly drove Plum’s company to bankruptcy. She has been looking for an opportunity to get revenge ever since, and this may be her chance.

Ms. Scarlet, played by junior Abby Doria, is a performer and a past lover of Mr. Boddy. They ran away together, he proposed marriage, took her money, and then left her in the dust. Scarlet may look harmless, but — simply put– she gets what she wants.

Mrs. Peacock, played by junior Buffy Parrish, is the spouse of Mr. Boddy\; however, he is not her first husband, and will definitely not be the last. All five of Peacock’s past spouses have mysteriously died, leaving their enormous fortunes to her.

Mr. Green, played by senior Conrad Powell, is a successful businessman who met Mr. Boddy on one of his business ventures. Although Boddy and Green are business partners, there is not much trust between the two. Boddy constantly accuses Green of embezzlement, and Green is tired of it. It is about time for this partnership to take a turn for the worse.

Colonel Mustard, played by freshman Casey McClaine, is a retired military officer. He married Mr. Boddy’s mother, who later passed away and left all of her belongings to him. Mustard has a history with Peacock and wants her back. He might even kill to get her back.

Performances are on Thursday and Friday, February 27 and 28 at seven o’clock in the auditorium, and Saturday, February 29 at two o’clock. Tickets will be sold for five dollars at lunch and seven dollars at the door.